Bacardí Company

Guests order drinks, we serve them rituals

Our long lasting partnership with the Bacardi Martini Company consists of creating experiential concepts like Casa Bacardí, Clandestine Cocktail Clinics and bespoke on-trade branding for international top bars and restaurants.


Works include product design and spatial branding for Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Bacardí and Dewars in venues like Mr. Porter, W Hotel and the recently opened ADAM Tower.

2002 – Ongoing
Concepting · Product design · Spatial design · · ·
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New Fork

The best sandwich in town

New Fork, Rotterdams freshest eatery is in the midst of an expansion strategy with the ambition to open 50 venues before 2020.


Containr Affairs is asked to help them with reshaping their brand architecture and refine their identity, store concept and supportive branding

Photography: Pim Top
2017 — On going
Concepting · Product design · Spatial design.
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2015 – Ongoing
Concepting · Product design · Spatial design
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Listen to your Inner Voice

Bavaria, one of the oldest privately held and run companies in the Netherlands, challenged us to redefine their on-trade strategy for the beautiful Swinckels’ brand. In accordance to the wonderful history and brand DNA we focussed on a strong storytelling and drinking rituals fitting different occasions.

2016 – Ongoing
Brand Strategy · Identity Design · Packaging · Digital
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Stirlings Oil

Classic Quality
Modern Performance

Stirlings is the new leading oil manufacturer for the automotive industry. We translated their devotion for racing and the associated lifestyle into two core principles; “classic quality, modern performance”.


With this in mind, we gave the company its name, a bold visual identity a solid packaging design and fresh website.


Home of the original stroopwafel

When the oldest Dutch syrup waffle bakery, sole purveyor to the Royal Household, approached us to create a new premium brand, we where thrilled to bring it back to the golden age of the ‘stroopwafel’.


In Goudstroop we found the right name. For the brand’s identity, the rich and sophisticated Art Deco movement heavily inspired us. We are currently designing the first of more Goudstroop stores.

Photography: Pim Top
2016 – Ongoing
Brand Strategy · Identity Design · Spatial Design.
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Photography: Koers von Cremer, Florine van Rees
2016 – Ongoing
Brand Strategy · Identity Design · Packaging · Digital
Photography: Florine van Rees

Bobby’s Dry Gin


Bobby’s is our first achievement as collaborative brand architects. We are responsible for brand strategy, branding, packaging and spatial design. The gin and jenever is named after Jacobus Alfons, known to his friends and family as Bobby.  It was his unique Indonesian genever recipe that inspired grandson Sebastiaan to create a balanced gin, blending the spirit of Schiedam, with the spice of Indonesia. The classic ‘kruik’ bottle was reshaped for the 21st century made of smoked glass and screen printed Ikat pattern.

2013 – ongoing
Brand Strategy · Concepting · Identity Designs · Spatial Designs
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House of Herman Jansen

Giving context and identity to a premium, global distilling company

Herman Jansen approached us to give context and form to a new premium House of fine spirits and liqueurs. We developed brand strategies,  (re)shaped their brand identities and created campaigns to bring its brands to life.


Till date Containr Affairs contributes to the expansion of the ambitious global distilling company.

Photography: Koers von Cremer


Redefining the world of yogurt

The world’s leading dairy company challenged Containr Affairs to redefine its yogurt activities in the out-of-home-channel. Their beautiful cooperative tradition of dairy and fruit farmers became our starting point.


We developed a farm to bottle approach, where the freshest yogurt hospitality is offered to everyone at every occasion.

Currently we are developing a powerful innovation program for the transition towards a healthier society.

Photography: Sophia van den Hoek
2016 – Ongoing
Brand Strategy · Concepting · Spatial Design
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Photography: Rubén Dario Kleimeer
2016 – Ongoing
Concepting · Spatial Design · Program Development
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Give context and meaning to new designed Headquarters

Medical & health care is in heavy transition. Complex challenges require bright initiatives that’s why healh insurance company VGZ invited us to collaborate on creating a futureproof headquarters.

First assignment contained solid storytelling executed throughout the building. Currently we develop a powerful program format, which gives meaning to innovation and the transition towards a healthier society.

Photography: Maarten Laupman


If 3/4 of your mixer is soda,
make sure you use the best

In 2015, this small powerhouse invited us to reshape the brands on-trade & off-trade strategy for the Dutch market. Second assignment was to create a travelling bar concept that made Fever-Tree more tangible in the Netherlands. King Charles II tickled all senses in a wilderness of all that makes the brand unique.

Brand Strategy – Concepting – Spatial Design
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Photography: Sophia van den Hoek
2013 – Ongoing
Retail Concepting · Spatial Design · Graphic Design · Production
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Cultivate a new premium segment

Containr Affairs collaborates with Unilever on the high-end icecream brand Magnum since 2013. We developed the Magnum Pleasure Store Amsterdam which was a retail execution, with various mobile extensions at Bijenkorf and Schiphol Airport and designed many bespoke branded items throughout the years.

Photography: Mathilde Karrer

Station Hofplein

Revive a city’s icon

In 2006, this 1.9 km-long railway viaduct, built in the northern part of Rotterdam, was purchased for redevelopment into an urban destination. Contaínr Affaìrs was invited to create a strategy and curate the estate with inspiring retail enterpreneurs, Michellin star chefs and by programming the area with events and festivals we where able to introduce it to a new audience.

2007 – 2011
Strategy · Concepting · Curating
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Stationsplein 45
Unit E1 184
3013 AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands