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Chez Jan
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Joey van Dongen

The nr 1 on a bun

Chez Jan is all about experience, ambiance, taste and craftsmanship. With its hotdog food trucks and bars it brings its carefully crafted artisan sausage on a bun to festivals and events all over the Netherlands. The sausage and bun have been developed exclusively for the Chez Jan brand. Partnering up with Brandt & Levie's 'tastemakers' and Jordy's Bakery Chez Jan has produced a unique hotdog recipe. Topped with most delicious ingredients it offers a very diverse menu. All sausages are available in a veggy version and kids can get their hands on a 'petite' dog.

Untangle the identity
Chez Jan was defined by its hotdog food trucks and vice versa. Nothing more, nothing less. This limited the brand’s full potential. That’s why we’ve untangled the two opening it up to endless possibilities. By establishing Chez Jan as a separate entity it’s able to adopt a wide range of products pushing towards new markets and spreading its overall presence. Alongside its food trucks Chez Jan has added hotdog bars and boxes to the mix. And maybe in the future a permanent home. Who knows.

Brand recipe
Chez Jan has a wide variety of food trucks, bars and boxes. To connect all these products together the identity needs to be a sturdy versatile base. One that is subtle enough to take a backseat and hero the trucks and bars and at the same time strong enough to make its mark. With the sausage dog chasing its sausage tail, the promise of being the ‘nr 1 on a bun’ and stating the dogs are ‘stuffed of love’, the logo tells a story in itself. It embodies all the values the company stands for. Other logo variations and statements add onto the story where and when its needed.

Elevating the level of foodservice
Versatility is the magic word within the Chez Jan brand and product. Especially when you want to spread operations from outdoors to indoors. It comes with a whole new set of needs fitting requirements for indoor venues like Ahoy Rotterdam, Jaarbeurs Utrecht and Amsterdam Rai. The concept and design of the new hotdog bar fits these perfectly. Simultaneously we started working on a full rebranding with the outset to develop a versatile identity suitable for branching out to new products.

A pocket size bistro
The new hotdog bar is a carefully crafted masterpiece. A Swiss army knife at the back and a hotdog magnet at the front. The bar with a warm NYC vibe consists of three sections that can be transported as separate parts making it fit in all elevators. Setup time is minimal and the bar is laid out in such a way that two people can operate it easily. Materials used like metro tiles, wooden panels, patina covered mirrors and multiple small light sources give the pocket size bar a genuine bistro feel. And the straightforward red signing and red awnings create that magnetic pull to Chez Jan’s perfect dogs.

Spreading the love
Chez Jan has become a household name when it comes to hotdogs. The dogs travel all over the country with Chez Jan’s hotdog trucks and bars. Some dogs have even found a permanent home on the menus of restaurants all over Rotterdam. More businesses will follow. The Chez Jan experience can be enjoyed at home as well. The DIY hotdog box has all the ingredients to whip up your favourite hotdog. And soon the first selected online supermarkets will start selling Chez Jan’s sausages will be available at the selected online.

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