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A modern take on a grand café style restaurant

Restoring the grandeur envisioned by renowned architect Jo van den Broek, Statencafé is a modern take on a grand café style restaurant. With its timeless decor the establishment is a home away from home. A small library in the corner, a cosy backroom up the stairs, a sunny south facing terrace and a proper bar fitting a café as grand as this. A familiar place where you’d like to sit down with a newspaper and a cup of coffee and watch the day go by. As Statencafé has put together a menu serving all time classics for breakfast, lunch and diner it has become a refuge to people from the neighborhood at any time of day.

Devil is in the details
It’s fine line to walk reaching a grand style café that has both a warm and a modern contemporary feel. Sophisticated warm materials like sanded concrete in different hues of green, walnut veneer and custom made brass objects are mixed with huge robust concrete  surfaces. Vintage style chairs, barstools, custom made mirrors and typical cafe lighting lift up the grey tones shedding a cozy atmosphere throughout the restaurant. Custom detailing is the icing on the cake. For example the build-in flower box that sits right between two benches, the thin brass strips lining different floor materials or the floor to ceiling radiator almost acting as a cream colored curtain. The cozy atmosphere is enhanced by its seating layout. Round tables in the middle contrast with the square tables facing fixed benches squeezed between the walls and pillars.

Monumental identity
The neighborhood where Statencafé resides is one with a great history. As it was not affected by the 1940 bombing many of its original buildings still stand today. The same goes for Statencafé’s building with its repetitive windowed facade lined with a vertical strip of glass marking the staircase. This exact facade is used as the primary element within the logo. Lettering and colour scheme are uncompromising and straightforward balancing out the detailed facade illustration that can be left out if necessary. A second logo is a boxed version of the primary logo has been added for design items that can’t handle the fine detailing of the primary logo. The blue forms a powerfull contrast with the warm interior and the delicious food served as the logo is depicted on menus, plates and glasses. Personnel  stand out with their bright blue aprons.

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