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Sophia van den Hoek

Worth the smell.

When the people from Delùsh Fragrances approached us back in 2021, they already built up a renowned reputation in creating luxury interior fragrances for the likes of Sergio Herman, Marcel Wanders, Hotel de l’Europe and Hotel August to name a few. Our client came to us to help them to evolve from a qualitative interior perfume company into the source of spatial perfume business, known and loved by leading international clients within high-end markets.

Worth smelling
A branding project for an invisible luxury brand is a very interesting playing field. The perfume business in particular is pretty elusive. It’s an overwhelming universe where brands sprinkle the most exquisite promises. Sadly, a lot of them vanish in front of you. We aimed this rebrand to be straightforward yet intelligent, one that underlines authority without being too stiff and losing playfulness. Creating a chameleon brand that lets others shine, but when it takes the stage, it sparkles.

Nose and Partners
Nose and Partners was the name and identity that stemmed from our positioning of a House of Spatial Perfumes creating refined and invisible luxury for iconic places in the world.

We then reshaped the company’s complete touchpoint experience and drafted a new brand architecture model which allowed more entrepreneurial partnerships to happen and ensure a trajectory that will take it global.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”
William Shakespeare

The Nose and Partners identity is based on tactility without the fuzz. Charmingly straightforward and one that plays around with augmented reality and the realm of invisible luxury. Above all this, Nose and Partners now is a company that is a trusted partner for the world’s leading hotels, restaurants, retail and interior designers.

While the wordmark and monogram are understated and very much in a supporting roll, the two fonts used —especially in quotes— are a welcoming mix of sans-serif and serif-like typography. While the Optima Nova font is the primary font, Monument Grotesk is used to highlight words that need emphasis. This subtle playfulness goes very well with the tone of voice of the brand: the ‘nosy’ quotes and taglines. It’s there when needed, but never invasive or intrusive. The perfumes themselves play the lead roll.

The tactility of the perfumes comes in to play through photography and video. The lab and the production process are documented carefully, up-close and personal. And at twilight, which adds onto the luxury feel. The ingredients filmed and photographed look like a vivid color palette. Combined with tranquil moving moods it all comes to life on the website. A subtle moving landscape of spatial perfumes.

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