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Makan Makan Yummy Yummy

Restaurant Indonesia started its story back in 1975. Now, over 40 years onwards and still family run, the establishment has become a true icon and piece of history within Rotterdam. Generation after generation has been served all the authentic, vibrant and fresh dishes that the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia has to offer.

Makan Makan Yummy Yummy
Our vision was to create an immersive brand narrative that flowed flawlessly between the food culture and distinctive ambience. The brand identity was fashioned in homage to the history and beautiful design of the overseas airmail sent between the world and the Dutch East Indies.

A nod to an ancient crafts
The font was designed to deepen this connection – a modern interpretation of the typefaces you would encounter on the stamps, official documents and vignettes. We were able to transform simple packaging into a true gift for consumers. For the spatial design, we focused on creating relaxed spaces, like Indonesian Warungs, accompanied by a monochromatic colour palette fundamental to the overall identity. The refined interior combined cues from colonial craftwork with clean and contemporary lines and finishes. Simultaneously avoiding cliches and respecting the beauty of the past.

I worked with a couple of agencies, but Containr produced the most standout creative work. Our customers are overwhelmingly positive about our brand. They offer a personal touch, have a great understanding of what a client needs and are able to translate this into genius designs. A rare combination!

Wai Man Lo — Founder

Introducing the cuisine to future fans
Our partnership with Restaurant Indonesia has only begun as we continue to highlight the uniqueness and history of the establishment whilst giving it a modern twist. After the Foodhallen Rotterdam and Coolsingel Rotterdam, the concept is currently being prepared for further expansion.

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