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2010 - Ongoing
House of Herman Jansen
Brand Strategy
Identity Development
Spatial Design
Koers von Cremer

Dedicated craftsmanship, Harvesting collaborations

Herman Jansen is a family-owned distillery located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, that has been producing spirits since 1777. Over seven generations the originally small Dutch Jenever distillery has transformed into a global company, offering a modern range of premium spirits enjoyed throughout the world. 

World Class distiller

Experiencing many successes over the years including most recently in 2012 being awarded the honourable Distillery of the Year as well as the prestigious classification of World Class Distillery, Containr Affairs was chosen to deliver a unique strategy and brand identity to a new premium portfolio of fine spirits and liqueurs. Made in collaboration with partners the ambitious idea of “The House of Herman Jansen” was born.

Old traditions and New ambitions

Our starting point was to create a pay-off that reflected the company’s outstanding product knowledge and willingness to collaborate. The pay-off created a pleasant contrast between old traditions and new ambitions.

Modernising the craft

The visual language of the House has always been based on modernising the craft of distilling. Over the years, we have developed numerous identities, campaigns and events to bring the HoHJ brands to life. To this day Containr Affairs is still contributing to the expansion of this ambitious global distilling company.

Contaínr Affaìrs has created phenomanel work for the company. Highly creative output combined with a very positive and forward-thinking spirit. I would highly recommend their services.
Nik Noordermeer — Business developer

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We interweave brand strategy, branding and spatial surroundings into multidimensional statements. By triggering business ambitions and visual aesthetics in equal measures, we enable boutique brands and multinationals to take the lead in this ever-evolving landscape. Since 2001 we have focused on the premium food, beverage and hospitality industry, creating from bottle designs to brand names, bars, books, boutique hotels and everything in between. These insights and experiences drawn us into innovation- related industries, which now have become a second nature to us.


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